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Meet Smithers!

What Can Smithers Do?

Schedule Appointments

That calendar isn’t going to fill itself. Smithers can schedule appointments for sales calls with calendar integration so that you have a clear view of upcoming and completed appointments. Whether you’re in a meeting or on vacation, Smithers will make sure you have fresh appointments when you return.

Be Running in as little as 30 Minutes

You don’t need to be an expert at workflows or modern chat design. If you know how to type, you’re ready get Smithers working for your business. Just simply type in the sales questions that your team needs to best understand about your customer — and you’re up and running!

No More Lead Chasing

Smithers uses the questions designed by your sales team to get important information from your perspective customers. Once in your CRM, the information can be used to quickly sift through and understand who your ideal customers will be. Your sales teams can focus on understanding which customers are the right ones to follow up with, while others can be put into any back-end systems your business may have in place.

No more "time-wasting" conversations

In sales it’s inevitable that you’re going to get a customer that has a ton of questions that can bog down the sales process and make it even longer. Smithers frees up your sales team’s time by allowing those customers to still get every single question answered before they feel comfortable and confident in their buying decision. We can help you build out a comprehensive Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) list that can go deep into the answers your customers need to know most. Let Smithers build the trust your customers need in your business.

Save 40% with Help Desk Integration

Smithers can do more than just answering sales questions for your business and customers. It can also be your first line of defense for your help desk teams. Smithers can drive down cost by being that initial contact that helps triage business and IT questions related to your products and services. This can free up the first line of defense call center which usually is powered by non-tech people. Smithers can get your customers very close to a solution or send them directly to the low-level expert that can finish the job for faster problem resolutions.

Integrate with Current Software

Yes, Smithers seamlessly integrates with your current software packages, such as CRM, email, social media, and analytics. Our application interface allows you to tell Smithers which APIs you need to work with. Smithers gathers data from these sources and analyzes it to provide you with insights into customer behavior, preferences, needs, and satisfaction. With Smithers, you can improve your customer service, marketing, sales, business processes, and overall customer retention.

Handle Frustrated Customers

Nobody likes to get passed around from one agent to another, having to explain their situation to a new person each time. Smithers can save the call – and the customer! – and transfer the phone or text chats from frustrated customers to the right agent, along with the transcript of the AI conversation. Crisis averted!

Be where your customers are

Smithers communicates comfortably with your customers, whether it’s talking over a phone call or texting in a chat window. Your business now gets to have a single agent available to talk to your customers wherever they are. More importantly, it’s messaging is consistent every time it talks or chats.

Chat Landing Page

Take your marketing called actions to the next level. Smithers can fulfill your customer engagement conversationally, delivering personalize, interactive experiences for your prospective clients. What conversational marketing, Smithers can collect orders and guide clients down your sales funnel 24/7. So instead of using an impersonal web form to collect customer data, let Smithers deliver an interactive discussion that can answer all the questions before they schedule the call.

Augment Business Strategy with Smithers

With consulting, Smithers can look at your structured and unstructured data to allow your customers deeper integration into your internal systems that help with many levels of customer self-service. Talk to us today about how your business needs to do more automation and how voice and chat can be a great means of allowing your customers better service.
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